Επιστολή "2017"/02/27
We know how to respond to theocracy's Turkish soldier mr. Cavusoglu (In English)

  Date 27/02/«2017»

We have send our House’s respond to the continuing provocation and threats by Turkish government officials against Hellas.
We chose not to overpass all this time the official channels between the state governments, but once some messages demands their own unique status of response, in this new episode of barking threats against our Lands independence, we choose to overpass the officials.
So, Cavusoglu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dictatorship of Turkey, today, expressed these words on Attalia region in Turkey:


“We do not need a show of strength. They are the ones who know best what a Turkish soldier can do when appropriate. The government knows it best”..

Turks will be Turks. We send our condolences to the possibly very few citizens of Turkey, that feel uncomfortable to live under this kind of savages theocratic rulers.

The very few words we send as a respond:

Mister Cavusoglu.

You spoke loud, threatening Hellas, about what a Turkish soldier is capable of.
We know already, so please, save your pompous hideous words.
Your soldier is capable of torturing, set on barbarian acts of violence against defenseless women, children and old people. Even of your own people. You know nothing of Civilization, you have never been capable of doing so.
Do not ever think to send any trooper to cross the borders of our Proud Land.
In that case, he might learn another lesson. A final one.

Oikos of Hellenes Ethnikoi
Organization, defending our Ancestors Tradition, our Homeland


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